Admission to St Albans International School is done on a rolling basis. This means that children may be admitted into our classes at any point during the academic year.

However, we are unable to offer admission for JHS 3 students. Any applicant desiring to take their final exam at St Albans International School is required to enrol in JHS 1. Admissions to the JHS 2 class are made only in the case of exceptional academic performance. As part of our Admission process, applicants desiring to enroll in classes Nursery 2 through to JHS 1 are required to complete an assessment. Please be advised that mid-year admissions are based strictly on academic performance and the assessment results. Following a successful assessment, the applicant will be made an offer for a place at St Albans International School.

Admission to all classes for the 2020/2021 Academic Year is ongoing. Please enquire for a place for your ward at the school office or send us an email at

All applicants are required to complete and submit the school’s registration form. Registration forms may be purchased at the school’s office. In addition, prospective students seeking admission in the primary and junior high departments must sit and pass our Entrance Examinations.

Offers of a place will be based on performance in the examination and availability of a place in the desired class. Following registration, a confidential report from the candidate’s current school will be requested and this report is also taken into consideration during the application.

Upon successful completion of the registration forms, passing the examination, and payment of all necessary fees, the pupil will be admitted into the school.