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   Welcome to St. Albans International School, where we work together as a community to create a positive learning environment. Our pupils are encouraged to grow and develop their academic and social skills and become responsible, young adults prepared to make a difference in the world. We are a small school, admitting only a few students into each year group, and this enables us to provide tailored provision for all our students to meet their academic and social needs.

Our students’ excellent examination results are testament to our success. We have had 100% distinction in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) so far. Our longstanding and strong tradition of academic excellence is maintained through the dedication and commitment of our staff. We work in partnership with our students to ensure that all our work in school is undertaken in a supportive, caring and friendly environment.

Our reputation for high academic achievement is derived from putting God first and our constant commitment to providing purposeful and pleasant education to all our pupils. At St. Albans International School, everyone is treated with respect and recognized for their unique God-given talents. We celebrate our successes and our differences, recognizing that we succeed in so many more ways aside academics.

If you are still undecided on joining us, you are welcome to pay our office a visit, where our wonderful administrative team are ready to answer your questions and give you a tour of the compound. We look forward to welcoming you to our family, either as a member of staff or as a pupil!

Yours sincerely,

Madam Vida Asante-Frimpong

who we are

About St. Albans International School

St. Albans International School has a Christian foundation and a firm belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the core of everything we do. We believe that our Christian and disciplined setting creates the most effective and positive learning environment for pupils in which they can develop self-discipline, self-esteem, understanding and mutual respect for one another.

We are a community that places importance on knowing each other and every member of our community; be they students, staff, parents or friends of the school. We offer a warm, serene and cozy environment to learn under highly skilled teachers. St. Albans International School takes great pride in the international dimension of our community which enriches our lives and promotes understanding of a broad spectrum of cultures.

To firmly establish our position as the leading educational institution in Ghana and beyond, that is dedicated to excellence.
Every child can succeed.

We aim to provide an excellent and holistic education whereby pupils can achieve the highest standard of academic status per ability and develop their character and personality to become caring and self-disciplined adults.
  • To promote Christian and moral values
  • To prepare our pupils to become confident, assertive and respectful future leaders
  • To strive for academic and practical excellence
  • To provide a safe and secure environment in which pupils thrive
  • To promote community and global awareness
  • To prepare pupils for future educational and working environments
  • To provide a happy and stimulating environment for study
  • To encourage selft-discipline and a high standard of behaviour

Born out of a love and passion for quality holistic education, and the need for a good school in the catchment area, Tiny Angels Nursery School was established, in 2003, by the Executive Director of the school, Madam Vida Asante-Frimpong. It started with a population of 6 pupils and 3 members of staff, and was then named Tiny Angels Nursery School.

The name was officially changed to St. Albans International School in 2010, when the primary and junior high school sections were added. Since then, St. Albans has become a progressive boarding and day school for pupils aged between 9 months and 14 years. An all-round education focuses on equipping the pupils with all the life skills required of adults in the 21st century. Within a caring and supportive framework, pupils enjoy a dynamic academic curriculum, supported by qualified, experienced staff and diverse, exciting extra-curricular activities.

Frequently Asked Questions


We currently offer a hybrid of the GES and British curricula, ensuring our scholars are well educated in and equipped for both exams.Our teaching staff have been trained on the new GES curricular (both Standards Based Curriculum and the Common Core Programme) and implement these strategies in teaching. 

On average, our classes have 18 students. The maximum class size however is 25. At the lower levels, the teacher-student ratio is kept as low as possible to ensure they receive the necessary attention and good care.

Fees may be paid using banker’s draft, VISA or Mastercard ATM card, Ecobank QR code, Ecobank Masterpass, Ecobank Fee Collect or GCB Smartpay. Cash payments on site are limited to GHS 50.00 and below.

For full information on our very competitive tuition and other fees, please call our office on 0303961489 or send an email to stalbansschoolgh@gmail.com.

Admission is done on a rolling basis. This means that subject to availability in the desired class, your ward may be enrolled at any time during the school year.

As firm believers in holistic education, we offer a wide range of cognitive and physical co-curricular activities to complement lessons. These include as piano lessons, ABACUS lessons, ballet, tae kwon do, cadet corps, creativity, Avid Readers, Science & Math club, the Debate Team, the French club and swimming.

Yes, we have a coaster bus that pupils use for trips. However, we currently do not offer a transportation service.

Yes, we are able to provide a boarding option for male or female pupils aged 8 years and above. Enquire from our office on 0303961489 for the boarding costs and requirements.

Yes, we are able to offer e-learning services. Having used Edmodo and Zoom for online learning since April 2020, we are very comfortable with instructing via these tools. We also provide training and assistance for pupils and parents to ensure a seamless experience.

Since the arrival of Coronavirus on Ghanaian shores, we have implemented a COVID protocol in school aimed at protecting the entire school community. This includes (but is not limited to) ensuring nose masks are worn at all times, daily checking and recording of temperatures, introducing at multiple handwashing points in addition to existing ones, social distancing in classrooms, the lunch area and other common areas, fitting all classrooms with sanitizing spray as well as temporarily suspending all cross-class and en masse activities.



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